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At TLD Curated, we believe our homes serve as so much more than a place we eat, sleep and kick up our feet. We believe homes are sacred. Homes are the backdrops for so many of our pivotal moments and memories. 


Our shop is a curated collection of beloved vintage items, pieces with patina and character. TLD Curated offers you an assortment of pillows, textiles, tableware, accessories, items we intend to be the quintessential touch your space is longing for. Not because we believe money can buy happiness, but because we believe in celebrating the small joys of life, like vessels and vases to hold fresh tulips, and farmers markets on Sunday mornings, and Fluffed Linen Pillows to hug our sofas.  


We intend for you to browse through our collection, and hand select the pieces that speak to you, inspire you, resonate with you, as they did with us. From our shop to your shelves, we hope our pieces transpose to a thoughtfully curated design in your home. 



Tiffany Piotrowski founded Tiffany Leigh Design Inc. in 2019. With an eye for casually classic style, she brings thoughtfully curated designs to her client’s homes and cottages. Tiffany prides herself in having a hand in every project coming into the TLD Studio.

Through her projects, Tiffany has developed a clear voice and style. Her quintessential vintage touch and thoughtful intention behind each design are what make the TLD home or cottage.

When she's not busy scheming with flooring, tile, paint and fabric samples, you can find her basking in the sunshine at her Lakehouse with her partner Luke, and fur baby Kenobi.

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