Handmade bowls made with an off-white speckled stoneware clay. Each piece thrown on the potters wheel, hand dipped in a durable food safe glaze, and fired twice in an electric kiln. The base of each piece is unglazed leaving a vitrified stone-like surface with a tactile feel.As each piece is individually handmade it will show the marks of the potter. You should expect some variation in size, shape, colour, and glaze, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind.These pieces are designed for everyday use and with proper care should last a lifetime. Please hand wash with mild soap to ensure the longest life. Avoid rapid heating and cooling as this is may to lead to thermal shock which can result in cracking.Made by Soft Fire Ceramics

Bowl 03 - TLD Curated Exclusive Collection

  • *Each will vary slightly due to handmade nature
    Approx. 5"D x 3.5"H

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